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Sandtray Therapy began in the 1930’s in England under the creative direction of Dr. Margaret Lowenfeld. Later it had spread to Switzerland, where Dora Kalff began to use it and teach others. The use of Sandtray Therapy has now spread to many parts of the world where therapists are being trained in this particular type of therapy using miniature figures and boxes of sand.

Sandtray Therapy is a remarkable form of largely non-verbal therapy suitable for all ages.

Using miniature figures, items from the natural world, shells, spiritual symbols and figures, sports figures and many others smaller items it gives the individual  patient using it a way to create a three dimensional picture in a tray of specially selected sand. Sandtray therapy appears to operate on a deeply symbolic level, often drawing from the patients insights about themselves.

Sandtray therapy can be used as an adjunct to another type of therapy or as a main focus in itself.

Often it can lead to greater self understanding, or release feelings blocking growth or healing.

It can lead to healing in both adults and children who find it unlocks inner potential, frees creativity and removes emotional blocks to inner development.

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